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For early childhood learning.

Our warm and welcoming Thrive Montessori centres follow the teaching principles of Maria Montessori, helping nurture learners who are socially, academically and emotionally well-developed and ready for life’s challenges.

Each of our centres is an appealing, purpose-built environment. We support our highly qualified teachers by resourcing each centre with high quality, carefully selected Montessori materials that support our children’s holistic learning experience.

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About Us

Thrive Montessori centres are a home away from home for children aged 0-6. Thrive Montessori children learn with confidence, and develop independence and a courageous love of learning, through our child-centred methodology where children choose their ‘work’, and are given guidance and support by our fantastic teachers, in an environment that encourages calm and purposeful learning.

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Winter has arrived at Thrive Montessori Queenstown

As we enter winter the temperatures along with the sun creeps even lower, Thrive Montessori Queenstown could be forgiven for staying snug inside where it’s warmer but there is so much to do.


Our logo for Thrive Montessori is a New Zealand’s Pohutukawa
Introducing Thrive Montessori

Toward the end of last year, we took on the exciting task of creating the first sub-brand for Evolve Education Group. At the time, there were only four Montessori centres across the country, and Lollipops Educare Remuera was being transitioned to Montessori. After a few months of consultation with our Centre Managers, we feel the result is an inclusive, holistic approach that encapsulates both what Montessori stands for and what we aspire to achieve.



  • Initially we were drawn to [Thrive] Montessori Queenstown because of the smaller staff to student ratios, the calm physical environment and the unique, effective teaching strategies. Once established at the centre these aspects became secondary to the outstanding staff who worked there.

    Once there our daughter developed a sense of belonging, rapidly becoming a part of the Montessori family. She was always treated with dignity and respect and given many opportunities to explore and learn